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    Network Management Systems

    View all of our Network Management Systems products below:

    Andrew Integrated Management and Operating System (A.I.M.O.S.)

    To manage your distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeater solutions, CommScope offers the Andrew Integrated Management and Operating System (A.I.M.O.S.). This comprehensive operations and maintenance platform performs fault, configuration and inventory management, and uses email and text messaging via an open SNMP interface for alarm forwarding.

    With this fully integrated solution platform, you can monitor and control your network from one central location or multiple local hubs. You can even customize an easy-to-learn hierarchical tree interface for each user with independent configurable layouts. To transfer mission-critical information, you can easily export your database to standard off-the-shelf software.?


    • Vector maps allow the placement of repeater systems at street level and fast unit location in the field
    • Network manager displays operational status, configures alarms, communicates with remote network elements and shows network inventory
    • Manage user accounts and configure passwords via a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) interface
    • Connectivity manager supports packet data for “always on” communication with remote devices via modem pools or LAN
    • User-defined charts support troubleshooting and performance evaluations based on alarms, temperature curves and power output over time
    • Automate recurring actions to reduce workload and conduct maintenance during low-traffic times without direct manual oversight


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