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    Optical Distribution Frames (ODF)

    View all of our Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) products below:

    Industry-leading, high-density fiber management

    As gigabit FTTH (fiber to the home) and G.fast networks expand, more cables and connections, and the frames to hold them, are required. CommScope’s optical distribution frames (ODF) and racks are designed to fit a variety of fiber and copper cabling applications. Each ODF type is designed with an emphasis on superior cable management and ease of use.

    • The FACT ODF (utilizing the popular FIST framework) provides full front accessibility, tool-less installation and ultra-high density connectivity in a highly modular, lightweight frame.
    • The NG4access ODF offers flexibility of configuration and on-frame splicing through a full front and rear access platform with industry-leading density.

    CommScope ODFs:

    • Easy installation
    • High density
    • Modularity
    • Ready for future expansion
    • Comprehensive range of accessories and hardware
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