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    Cookies and Other Passive Tracking Devices

    CommScope utilizes cookies and similar types of passive tracking mechanisms to generate aggregate and anonymous statistics about the site, to tailor the content of the site to make it more effective, and to direct targeted information to users regarding our products and services in which they may have interest. In some cases users of the website will be affirmatively notified and given the choice to opt out before a cookie is sent.? In addition, users may configure their internet browser to notify them whenever a cookie is sent (giving the user the option to decide whether to accept it or not), and to reject or remove all cookies. ?Certain features of the site may not be available, however, if a user does not consent to use of a cookie or if cookies are later disabled.? To disable cookies, users should consult their browser's help section for instructions.? CommScope may combine the information it collects passively with any personal information about you.